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Shenzhen Justtide Tech Co., Ltd.

Justtide is just for leading technologies tide


Mechanical Keyboard

Our mechanical keyboard is a consumer keyboard derived from our financial security encryption PIN pad (ATM PIN pad).

We have nearly 20 years of professional keyboard manufacturing experience, which provides a strong guarantee for the development and production of mechanical keyboards.

In order to show the unique personality of the mechanical keyboard. All of key shaft and key cap are detachable, And equipped with a dedicated key shaft and key cap pulling device, so that users can do whatever they want, DIY own unique mechanical keyboard style. At the same time, the keyboard supports a variety of light effects and types of RGB backlight. In terms of device connection mode, we support Bluetooth, wireless 2.4G or USB Type-C,It meets all kinds of environments, and supports Windows, Android, IOS, Mac platforms.

At present, we have released desert, retro, cyberpunk and avocado themed keyboards,In the future, we will continue to develop new theme keyboards, such as the theme of the game, animated,etc.


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